At Tier 1, we thank you for your partnership and understanding of the policies outlined below:

Commitment Policy

  • ​Athletes/families must understand that they are committing to the entire Program financially regardless of selected payment option. The Program cost accounts for the number of training sessions AND for reserving/protecting a spot in the Program. There will be a cap on number of athletes per hour and T1 guarantees every athlete will have their training time spot for the full duration of the Program. Training times will be closed off once group meet capacity. Additional athletes will have to choose from remaining training time options or, if the Program is at maximum capacity, they will be turned away. T1 is committed to current athletes/families first and everyone else second.

​Make-Up Policy

  • Athletes have ample opportunities to complete all sessions within the duration of the Summer Program and athletes/parents need to communicate with Cody for flexible options. T1 will not carry over missed sessions to upcoming programs or financially compensate families for failure to complete all Summer Program sessions.
  • Athletes will be allowed to make-up session at another facility or alternate training group time.

Adjustment to Schedule Policy 

  • ​ Athletes will be able to adjust locations, days, or training times for obligations that arise.
  • ​​Athletes will be able to train more frequent on a particular week (4x or 5x) to make-up sessions or to plan for upcoming missed sessions (vacation, tournament, etc.).
  • Athlete or parent will need to communicate with Cody by email or text to request adjusting training schedule. Access contact information here.

Refund Policy

Once a program begins, athletes are no longer eligible for a refund for their program. If they need to reschedule sessions, they may make those use during designated make-up days.

Referral Program
Refer a friend to Tier 1 Performance and receive $150 off Fall Program 2019 cost. Qualifications for this offering are below. 

Referred Athlete
- Referred athlete must be a new athlete to Tier 1 Performance who has never participated in a T1 program previously. 
- Referred athlete must register for a traditional 3 Day or 4 Day Fall Program 2019 offering.
- Referred athlete must register from the start of the Fall Program 2019 and train for the full duration of the program.

-Referred athlete must list referral athlete’s first and last name in the “Referred By” of the form section at registration.

Pro-rated, discounted, shortened, customized programs are excluded from offer.

Referral Athlete
- Referral athlete/family must be an existing Tier 1 Performance athlete how has previous participated in a T1 program. 
- T1 staff will reach out to referral athlete when will they have referred a friend. Referral athlete will either receive a $150 coupon code for credit at registration or receive a $150 refund depending on registration status.
- Referred athlete must have completed the registration process for T1 staff to reach out and for referral athlete to receive $150 discount. 

Please contact T1 Staff with any questions regarding the process of referring a friend. Email us at contact@t1ptraining regarding our Referral Program.



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